ARC Time!

Hellooo Creepers 😉

I’m glad to say I’ve gotten some spunk back. Encouraging words from family, friends, my wonderful agent and one kind blogger has elevated my confidence level considerably. I’m even using exclamation points again!

I doubt it’ll last long. Cause you see my dearest Creepers, the advanced reader copies of my book are to be released in about a week or so.  For those who wanna know, ARC’s are basically copies of a book printed before the official release and distributed to companies and individuals so that they can give advanced reviews of the novel. ARC’s are hideous, vile little things, full of nasty typos and stupid errors and vicious humiliating mishaps; ARC’s are eeevil because they are raw and pretty much unedited. They are shameful, so very shameful . . .

I’m past the nail biting stage. I’m more at the skin chomping phase of sheer terror (I’m an obsessive nail biter who apparently doesn’t know when to quit). I can’t express how afraid I am. I know I’ve said that before but–seriously, this time it’s bad. I’m talking losing sleep kinda bad, and this girl right here can sleep through natural disasters. And I know, I know, you can’t please everyone. There’s always gonna be that publication that rips you a new one for even daring to put thought to paper.

But . . . I wants them to like me.

Don’t get me wrong, I want criticism–as long as it’s constructive. I don’t want any asshole feedback. Telling me I’m stupid and talentless will achieve nothing. I mean, c’mon broskis . . . #unprofessional

I shouldn’t be worrying about this in advance. I can’t control the opinions or thoughts of other people. And even though my work is lookin’ pretty grungy right now, it is salvageable. Despite its major plot point fails and momentary bouts of derpness, I have faith in my novel. Its message is genuine and true; it is for the victims and for the survivors, for those who have suffered or are suffering sexual, emotional, and or physical abuse. I want to be their voice; I want them to find their own, to inspire them to speak up against the scum sucking low life bastards who have hurt them.

If the book can help at least ONE person in some way, then I’ve done my job. I can be happy knowing that I made a difference. And no matter how badly it is received or how brutal my reviewers may be, I’ll keep my head up because I know that what I’ve done is important.

It matters. And that’s all that matters to me.




About S.R.Savell

I'm quite boring. I'm also an aspiring novelist. My first book, Paper Hearts, is slated for release by Medallion Press February 1st, 2014. I like long walks to the fridge and my turtle figurine, Milo.

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