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Hi There

So I’ve been trying to blog more. But I’m finding it hard to find things to blog about. My life is pretty lackluster (I love that word) after all. And there’s only so much you can say about a book (Paper Hearts, Coming 2014! xD ). All I seem capable of doing is slinging advice at people and hoping they’ll be imbibed with the spirit of creativity. GO FORTH MY YOUNGLINGS AND CREATE!

Until I can think of something interesting to say, THAT IS ALL!




Open Sesame!

Hiya folks, me again. Just wanted to post something, anything really, so when I huddle in my cold, lonely bed tonight, I’ll know that I did something worthwhile today.

Even if it isn’t.

So yeah.

When people get published-

~audible groan~

Yeah I know, you guys are sick of hearing it, but just hear me out! Okay? Okay. As I was typing . . .

I’ve noticed that after publication, other aspiring writers want the key to the kingdom. They want to know HOW and WHY and WHEN and WHO and-wait, what?

Maybe I’m not the best person for this post but hey, I’m all you got so DEAL WITH IT MUWAHAHAHAH!

~Rattles brain, it kicks back on~

So, here’s some friendly advice from me to you because I care.

And maybe because I’m a little bit bored.

1. Write your little heart out.

This is perhaps the most ingenious shred of advice one has ever proposed. In order to get published, you mean I gotta write??

Shut up smarty mcsmarty pantalones, I’m getting to that. When I say write, I mean write. I mean write A LOT. All the time. Creativity isn’t a well. It isn’t going to run dry. Rather it’s a fountain or um something.

Point is, you have to write to improve. I struggle with this constantly. I feel like I shouldn’t write unless it’s going to be seen by someone or used in one of my stories. I’m also under this constant cloud of paranoia which inhibits a lot of what I want to write; fears about what my family and friends will think, hell, what ANYONE who would happen to stumble upon my atrocious unedited writing would think. There’s this monkey forever on my back, poking and prodding and pulling at me, making demands and mocking me for even DARING to write– WHY WON’T YOU GET OFF YOU LITTLE BASTARD?!!

Don’t make my mistake. Don’t feel inhibited or restricted. If you want it, write it. As one Dr. Seuss would say, the people that matter don’t mind and the people that mind don’t matter. Write what you feel, what you’re passionate about, what you want, what you need, what you aspire for. Write freely. JUST WRITE.

2. Writer’s block is a biotch.

Oh yes it is cleverly written title, oh yes it is. My absolute favorite technique to combat the curse that is the stifler of all creativenessness? Random writing! It’s simply marvelous, you should really try it . . .

It’d help if I told you what it is, huh?

My bad bro.

So what you do is sit your little tuckus right in front of the computer and open yourself a word document. Make sure the little thing is blinking, you know that thing that comes before the text. And then you shut your eyes–

and type as fast as your little hands can keep up with your brain. I’m so serious right now. Don’t stop for major typos. Don’t stop at all. Type exactly what pops into your brain. Let it spew forth onto the page with unbridled passion and fury, BOOM BABY BOOM. It’s not going to be pretty. It’s not supposed to be. Just try it. Go, right now. I’m serious. Right. NOW. O..O And when you think you can’t type anymore, read your splendiforous creation. And know then that nothing you could ever write could be as awful as this coalescence of crap.

I find it to be pretty therapeutic but that tangent is for another badly written blog post.

3. Use what you got!

A lot of folks want to keep their brain babies stowed away in the most secretest of places, far far away from the reaches of mankind . . . No thou shalt not read my STORY. Wait, what story? I don’t have a story. No I don’t write. I mean haha who writes?

You know who you are.

I can’t tell you how invaluable the people in my life have been in working towards the production of my novel. Teachers, family, friends, imaginary friends, semi-imaginary friends with bulbous eyes and green hair. Talk to people. ASK for help. You’d be surprised how supportive and helpful they’ll be. You need a proofreader? Ask that trusted teacher from high school or college or a relative with a critical eye for grammar and spelling. Having writer’s block? Bounce ideas off of a friend. Not literally. Because it’s no fun when people actually bounce things off you. Use the resources around you! Not that people are tools to be used nor are they resources to be drained . . . You know that I mean. Ask for help and more likely than not, you’ll get it!

4. Read your stuff aloud.

Editors do it, so why shouldn’t you? Read your work aloud; the eye tends to skim over words and errors. Oh yes, our eyes are presumptous little bastards, making all these assumptions about what is there and what  isn’t not really there. Did you catch that? Maybe. Or maybe your traitorous eyes SKIPPED IT OVER!

So as goopy cheesy as it sounds, consider reading your work aloud. If it sounds awkward, change it. It makes for a lot less work for you to do and hopefully later on, for your poor editor to do.


It would appear the well of advice has run dry. Not that ideas can really run dry. Because–


I’ve always sucked at conclusions. So let me conclude that you CAN write. You CAN do it. And you CAN, if you would, share this post. Tweet it. Pin it. All that good stuff that you youngsters are so apt to doing. Help a sistah out? 🙂 Please feel free to leave comments below; ask questions and I’ll gladly answer. Any feedback is appreciated!